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Students play for town team

Students play for town team
Tuesday 24th February 2009 by C. Freeman
Four boys from the same tutor group have had a successful season playing for the Kingswood Ospreys. The Under-13s football team, which Lewis Still, Alex Shaw, Colin Finnegan and Sam Rogers play for, are currently top of the 2nd division in the Weetabix Cup with Sam getting the accolade of top scorer this season.

The boys, all from 8T, train twice a week; once doing fitness training at the Shokk gym and then practising their tackling and shooting skills at the park in Abingdon Road, with Sam's dad, who is the team coach. Lewis and Colin are relative newcomers to the Ospreys while Alex has been with them for five years and Sam for about six or seven years.

Lewis, who used to train with the Leicester youth team, is the goal keeper. He said: 'To be a good goalie you need great hand-eye co-ordination. I used to play for the Castle Rise team but when they folded I then joined the Ospreys.'

Colin has played for Kingswood and Danesholme teams before. He plays centre mid-field and has scored six goals this season. He said: 'The best thing about the team is that all my mates play for it as well. The hardest team we have been up against has been Whitworths, they are second in the league so they are pretty hard to beat.'

Alex, who has been team captain for three years, plays centre back. He said: 'So far we are top of the league with two games in hand and we've also been on the front of the Evening Telegraph sports pages twice so it's been a pretty good season.'

Sam has scored a staggering 27 goals this season. He said: 'On Wednesdays we do fitness training and then on Saturdays we do training like passing and shooting. So far I've scored 27 goals this season and I'm the top scorer. It does help that we are all in the same tutor group. Playing football together keeps you fit and it's fun.'

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