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Last year's Yearbook
Tuesday 28th March 2006 by C. Freeman
Calling all Year 13s – now you can nominate your fellow students in categories such as 'Best Dressed,' 'Most Athletic' and 'Most Likely to become a Bond villain'! The voting takes place as part of the preparations for the forthcoming yearbook which features details of the departing students. There are photos, contact details and messages from tutors in the yearbook, intended as a keepsake of the Brooke Weston years.

Student, Robert Kerley is co-ordinating the project so if anyone has any bright ideas about features for the Yearbook they should get in touch with him.

This is the first year that the online poll has taken place, and it includes 28 categories including 'Funniest', 'Most Intelligent' and 'Most Likely to become a Game Show Host'!

Although students won't be able to vote for themselves they will be able to edit and submit their own personal details online including 'Plans after Brooke Weston', 'Where do you see yourself in ten years' time', 'Best Memory' and 'Favourite Teacher'.

'I'm doing a feasibility survey at the moment,' said Robert, 'as I want to find out how many students would want to buy the Yearbook if it is published.'

The level of printing costs compared with the relatively small number of copies means that each Yearbook might cost in the region of £20 to £25 although at this initial stage costs are difficult to calculate and would depend on the number of students willing to purchase one.

'The whole project depends on the willingness of students to get involved. I'd like Year 13 to submit their photographs of Brooke Weston people and events from over the last seven years,' said Robert. 'We'll only have one chance to do this Yearbook so we want to make it a good one.'

Robert can be contacted by email, or else pop your photographs into the collection box in the library. They will be scanned and returned.

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