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Smaller Review

Smaller Review
Dawn French and singer Alison Moyet in Smaller
Thursday 2nd March 2006 by C. Freeman
Review by Charlotte Murdoch of Year 11

Dawn French and singer Alison Moyet in Smaller

Year 11 drama students visited the theatre last Thursday to watch a live performance. We decided on the brand new play "Smaller". This play stars comedian Dawn French and singer Alison Moyet; it was also written by Carmel Morgan and directed by Kathy Burke. The host of names prepared the play to be an instant success.

We arrived early in Milton Keynes, and were given time to visit the shopping centre before we went into the theatre. Everyone was looking forward to the play.

This light-hearted play is based around two middle-aged women, Bernice (played by Dawn French) living with her mother and Cath (played by Alison Moyet) living the dream life. But we find out soon into the play that the character (Cath) isn't living the dream life at all, and would give anything to be back with her family, unknown by her sister (Bernice) and her mother (Maureen). Cath writes to her family telling tales about the beautiful place she lives and the brilliant job she has, singing in bars and living her dream. The harsh reality is that her life hasn't turned out how she has expected at all, singing in cheap bars, living in bad standards, but she just can't tell her family. She doesn't tell them because she doesn't want them to think she has failed, because that's what they thought would happen. She just wanted to prove her family wrong. The other sister, Bernice, feels like she has been left behind by life, and that they only life she has is between her working as a teacher, and then working looking after her disabled mother. The play dealt with serious issues of loneliness, family responsibilities and the role society plays in all our lives. All the themes were dealt with in a humorous way.

The majority of students enjoyed the play immensely and were pleased to see Dawn French in a new role. Though, a few students did disagree with this and thought that the humour was for an older audience, and so some people were unable to appreciate the jokes. Overall the play was a success with all the students.

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