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Ocean Explorer trip

Ocean Explorer trip
Tuesday 23rd September 2008 by C. Freeman
Student Kate Goodfellow sailed a tall ship this summer as part of a county Scout expedition. Kate performed essential tasks such as tying knots and trimming sails on the 57m Atlantis. The Ocean Explorer trip was a three-leg adventure and different Scouts joined the ship for the various stages of its journey.

The first contingent sailed from Cowes to La Coruna in Spain where Kate joined the ship and spent a week heading down to Lisbon in Portugal. There the last crew took over to voyage to the final destination of Cadiz. Kate and the 30-strong crew were split into watches where they had to work as a team. Some members helped with the cooking while others climbed the rigging or adjusted the sails.

Kate said: 'It was really good fun; but rough on the first three days because we were heading towards a storm. We even had to turn around at one point. We learned all about the sails, how to put them up and tie all the knots. They were canvas so you had to have about three people on each rope and all pull at the same time. We all got a turn at navigating with a map, finding out exactly where we were and seeing how far we had travelled.'

Four other students at Brooke Weston also took part in Ocean Explorer although the others went on different legs of the journey. The trip will count towards Kate's Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award which she is currently working towards, also helping out with the 4th Kettering Beavers as part of her Service module.

Kate raised the £850 she needed for the trip by doing car boot sales, bag packing and seeking sponsorship and she really enjoyed the experience. She said: 'The high point was doing things I hadn't done before like climbing the rigging up one of the masts. It was probably about 30 or 40ft high. We were harnessed and there was rigging up the side and three platforms which you had to climb over on the way to the top. It was quite scary but good fun!

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