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Field trips to Snowdonia

Field trips to Snowdonia
Students hard at work in the field centre.
Wednesday 10th September 2008 by C. Freeman
Sixth Form students worked for more than 12 hours a day during recent field trips to north Wales. The biology and geography students went on separate four-day visits to the field centre near Betws-y-Coed.

The 22 biology and eight geography students worked in damp, outdoor conditions carrying out experiments and recording data. The research forms their A level project work and the time spent in North Wales has given them a head-start on this year's work.

Teachers Mr Rowbotham and Mrs Annable accompanied the students. Mrs Annable said: 'The students get six weeks' worth of work done in four days. They're taught by specialist teachers in an intensive environment away from Brooke Weston. When they come back the majority of their coursework is finished.'

The students each chose different aspects of the local flora and fauna to concentrate on and projects included calculating the density of organisms in a stream, looking at moss on dry stone walls and studying woodlice. The field centre is equipped with classrooms and a specialist library so students were able to work late into the evening doing research and writing up their data. Mrs Annable said: 'The examiners like to see us using books rather than the internet and there they have got a library full of specific resources … so that makes a massive difference.'

The centre, run by the Field Studies Council, was also staging other courses for families and individuals and the Brooke Weston students were regularly complimented. Mrs Annable said: 'Their good behaviour and conduct was noted throughout the time we had there; every day someone came up to us to comment on it.'

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