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GCSE A grades for young language speakers.

GCSE A grades for young language speakers.
Sabina and Josh with their certificates.
Tuesday 2nd September 2008 by C. Freeman
Two young linguists have scored A graded GCSEs aged just 12 and 13! Sabina Kolodziejska and Josh Loy spoke Polish and Spanish respectively at home, and so they were entered early for their language exams.

Sabina, who is in Year 7, moved to Corby from her home near Warsaw three years ago unable to speak a word of English. Since then she has become a fluent English speaker and was asked by Mr Nicholls, Head of Modern Foreign Languages if she'd like to sit the exam. Sabina said: 'I looked on the Internet as an English person to look at Polish and I looked at the course and thought it was really easy. In the listening test half of the paper was in Polish and half in English.' Sabina, who speaks in English with her mother and Polish with her father used some past papers as practice and now she plans to study more languages: 'I'm doing German and I would like to learn Spanish and French as well.'

Year 8 student, Josh Loy was brought up in a bilingual household learning both Spanish and English at the same time. His Spanish speaking mother helped to prepare him for his exams and again, he was give past papers by the Languages Department at Brooke Weston in preparation for the exam.

Josh said: 'My dad wanted me to go in for the exam early. I thought it would be difficult but it was quite easy for me. A lot of the exam is spoken but you do get a bit of coursework as well.' Josh is also learning French at Brooke Weston and says that knowing one language helps him when learning the other as there are similarities between the two.

Principal Trish Stringer said: 'It's always fantastic when students get top marks in their exams but to get A grades aged just 12 and 13 is really phenomenal. The experience of sitting an exam so early should stand Sabina and Josh in good stead when they sit more in a few year's time.'

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