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More GCSE success stories

More GCSE success stories
Naomi and Chelsea with their results.
Tuesday 26th August 2008 by C. Freeman
Year 11 students from all over Brooke Weston achieved fantastic results in this year's GCSEs. Here's just a selection of some of the students and their plans for the future.

Sam Blacknell achieved ten GCSEs including seven A grades, and a distinction in GNVQ. He is returning to Sixth Form here to study Maths and Chemistry A levels. He said: 'I'm not really sure about the other two, I'll probably do another science but I think I might vary it because Maths and three Sciences might be a bit much.' On receiving his results he called his A grade in English Literature an 'unexpected bonus.'

William Downey got a great selection of A*, A and B grades and is returning to do eBusiness, German and Business Studies at A level. He said: 'I'm feeling very happy and relieved that it's all over. It was a lot of work but it's all paid off.'

Oliver Fitton is planning to study Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry A levels. His ultimate aim is to get a Physics degree and then work in an NHS Radiology department. He gained an A*, eight As, two Bs and a Merit in GNVQ and said: 'The hardest exam was a Science AS which I did early and I got a C in that.'

Chelsea Forsyth got two As, six Bs and three Cs as well as a GNVQ in IT. She said: 'I put a lot of work in and tried my best. I wasn't nervous until a couple of days ago and then I realised that I was actually going to get my results and then I was really scared! I'm really happy I got my As in English Lit and Media. I'm coming back but I don't know what to take yet, probably English and then I definitely want to take Sociology. I know I want to go to University but I don't know what I want to do yet.'

Jessica Rainbow got four A grades, five Bs a C and a Distinction in GNVQ. She is now planning to stop on to study Business and other subjects at A level. She said: 'My results were a surprise, I didn't think I was going to get as many As as that. I'm really happy but it's been a lot of hard work.'

Naomi Smith got two As, three Bs, three Cs and Passes in IT and BTEC Music. She said: 'I was very nervous queuing up to get my results, it's very nerve-racking. I was very relieved, a bit overwhelmed and very happy with my results.' She is coming back to study Biology and PHSE at A level because she wants to be a fitness instructor.

Finally Chris Stokes was celebrating after getting seven As, four Bs and a Distinction in GNVQ. He said.: 'I had to stop playing some sport for a while to get some revision in. It's brilliant. I'm happy that I've got my B in French as that was one of the hardest subjects I took. I also took media a year early like everyone else so that was quite good to get a B in.' He is coming back to Brooke Weston to do Geography, Chemistry, Maths and Economics at A level as he is planning to study Economics to degree level at University.

Miss Stringer said: 'These are just a few of our students who have attained great results at GCSE level this year. Congratulations to all those who have worked so hard in their studies. For those who are leaving us to go into the world of work we wish them good luck and fond memories of their time at Brooke Weston but I'm really looking forward to welcoming the majority back into the Sixth Form where they can build on these excellent results achieved in 2008.'

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