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Students celebrate their success

Students celebrate their success
Matthew Gormley celebrating after getting five straight A grades.
Thursday 9th October 2008 by C. Freeman
A group of A Level students at Brooke Weston have achieved impressive individual results. Two have secured places at Cambridge while others are going straight to universities or taking a gap year after gaining multiple A grades.

Matthew Gormley was awarded five A grades and he is now going to study Physics at Warwick University. He took Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Geography A Levels and an AS in Biology. He said: 'I had no idea that I'd got these results but I did put in lots of hard work.'

Some students opted not to check their results online so, for many, the first time they knew of their success was when they received them from Principal, Miss Stringer who had handwritten individual comments for each student.

Katie King and Josie Connolly both secured places at Cambridge with Josie going to St John's College to study Geography and Katie planning to study Natural Sciences at Churchill College. Katie, who got A grades in Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Art is deferring her place for a year. She said: 'It's basically a science course but you do a little bit of everything so you don't have to specialise until your final year. It's a three year degree course but there's the option of doing a further year. I'm trying not to think that far ahead but I'll try and go into research or something like that at the end of it.'

Josie got As in Maths, Physics and Geography and a B in Economics. She said: 'I didn't check my results as I thought it would ruin the surprise. I'm thrilled and it hasn't sunk in yet. Geography is what I've always wanted to do. I'll probably be a researcher in the long term looking at global warming and going around the world.'

Daniella Mancini got four A grades in English, French, Maths and Spanish and she is putting them to immediate use on a gap year. She will work in France and Italy and do some voluntary work in Spain before returning to take a languages degree at UCL. She said: 'I'm just overwhelmed with these results. I'm so pleased and happy that I've put the work in. It was a lot of work and commitment over two years but it's so worth it when you get that bit of paper in your hand. It's all to do with brilliant teachers and a lot of hard work and it just kinds of comes together at the end.'

Fellow student Kim Mantas is also on a gap year and he had to phone to get the news that he had got A grades in Physics, Chemistry, Maths and further Maths with a C in German. He is working as an au pair in southern Germany and will study Computer Science at Warwick on his return. He said: 'I didn't think I'd done as well as I have and I'm a bit relieved!'

Balazs Hollos was celebrating after getting three A grades in Chemistry, Maths and Physics and a B in biology. He will study Biochemistry at Nottingham and then plans to train as a doctor. He said: 'I checked online before I came in so I knew what place I'd got. Miss Stringer said they were fabulous results and I'm really pleased with them. Biology was definitely the most challenging subject. In Year 13 the exams were so much more difficult so I had to put a lot of work in.' Balazs had a hard act to follow as last year his sister Reka, who is now studying law in London, left Brooke Weston last year with four A grades at A Level.

Jason Smith got three As and a B and is going to study Maths at Bath. He said: ' I don't know what I want to do long term, I'll just see what happens. I'm definitely going out to celebrate with my friends. Another student with cause for celebration is Claire Milligan who got three A grades and a C and is planning to study at Trinity College, Dublin.

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