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Thursday 26th June 2008 by C. Freeman
Former student, Douglas Jenkins, had a role reversal when he joined the teaching staff at Brooke Weston. Douglas undertook the three-week placement as part of the government-funded Student Associates scheme where he had to 'shadow' teachers and students and look at the working practices at Brooke Weston.

Douglas taught students from a variety of year groups and also had to complete eight tasks on different areas of College life. He said: 'My first assignment was a reflective log so each day I had to write about what I'd done. The second one was tracking a Year 7 student then tracking a colleague. I had to look at classroom management, then critique a document and finally look at Brooke Weston and its position in the community.'

During his time here Douglas delivered an 'Aim Higher' lesson designed to get students to think about going to university. He also taught about analgesics to fast-track chemistry students and looked at catalysts with Year 9 gifted and talented students.

He said: 'I've been doing biology lessons looking at the heart and heart replacements. You need to research and know the background. For the first few lessons in chemistry I was really apprehensive because I hadn't done it in such a long time and I'd forgotten the GCSE level stuff. I felt really apprehensive trying to help the students along but now I'm a lot more confident.'

It has been two years since Douglas was a Sixth Form student here. Since then he has spent months in Honduras working in a school as part of a Project Trust adventure and completed the first year of study for a Chemistry Masters at Liverpool University. He is returning to Central America for a six and a half week tour visiting Panama, Guatemala, Acapulco and Honduras.

After university Douglas plans to spend a year travelling in South America before settling down to a career using his chemistry skills in industry, pharmaceuticals, design or development, but he hasn't totally ruled out a career in teaching when he's older!

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