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BWT secondary training day

BWT secondary training day
BWT secondary training day
CEO Dr Andrew Campbell addressing the audience.
Friday 28th June 2019 by C. Freeman

Nearly 400 teachers from our Trust secondary schools gathered for a day of staff training on the curriculum.

CEO Dr Andrew Campbell welcomed delegates and said: ‘I want to say a huge thank you for this year. I have been watching people from different schools talking together as colleagues and friends.’ He spoke about a sector of students known as ‘the forgotten middle’ and reiterated how we need to be ambitious for all of our students:

‘Where do we make it real for people to have hopes and dreams and help them to achieve them. What kind of young people are we desirous of sending out into the world? Are they a force for good? To do that they need to have the tickets for life to get them to the good destinations we are envisioning for them.

‘Whilst I am very proud of the distance several schools in this room have travelled in the last two years on progress that is a school metric. It is real that we get achievement that includes attainment at whatever level is necessary to open doors.

‘Today is so important because if you don’t know where you are going you can’t map the route if you don’t know your starting point. Where do we want people to end up? What are the challenges in the communities that we work in? Thank you enormously for this year. We are moving standards in communities where those standards have been hard to shift. You are doing so much better because you are doing it together and learning from each other.’

He introduced the keynote speaker Christine Counsell who delivered talks on: ‘Rethinking knowledge for language, literacy and inclusion’ and ‘Subjects, disciplines and teachers: principles for shaping the curriculum’.

Secondary Executive Principal Anne Hill spoke MAT priorities while Rebecca Waterson, Vice Principal at Brooke Weston Academy led a session on curriculum sequencing. Cristina Taboada-Naya, the Director of the Brooke Weston Teaching School Alliance talked about Learning Strategies.

Delegates also split into departments so that knowledge and best practice can be shared between the schools. More than 370 delegates attended the event which was held at Corby Business Academy.

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