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Debut at Carnegie Hall

Debut at Carnegie Hall
Liam and the band onstage at Carnegie Hall.
Tuesday 22nd April 2008 by C. Freeman
Musician Liam Halloran played at one of the world's most famous music venues, and his orchestra got a standing ovation! Liam, who is percussionist with Northamptonshire Orchestral Winds, performed at a showcase event in New York and, after completing three musical compositions plus an encore, they received the ovation from the audience of around 1,500.

Liam described the experience as 'the best thing I've ever done'. As well as playing at Carnegie Hall and outdoors in Central Park, he also managed to fit in some sight-seeing at New York's tourist spots and saw a show on Broadway. He said 'it was the perfect balance of a holiday and a tour so it was really, really good.' On the day of the showcase event, Liam and the band rehearsed at Carnegie Hall in the morning, before being the last act and the only British band playing that day.

Liam said that it was an amazing experience looking out at the audience from Carnegie's famous stage: 'The hall just looked godly; white and gold with all these seats. One of our musical pieces L'homme ArmeƩ ended with a huge fortissimo chord from the whole band. Then, the whole band froze in a moment of both relief and elation. It was one of those moments when the sound took an eternity to echo and fall and as soon as the conductor lowered his baton, the audience through the whole hall erupted into sound. It was surreal and absolutely incredible.'

'That particular musical piece went fantastically, it's ridiculously difficult to play but every single person on stage that night gave it 100 per cent and they are all really amazing musicians.'

In Central Park the band played from a purpose built 'bandshell' which flooded the open air with sound. Their 45-minute set included songs from West Side Story. Liam said: 'There was a good couple of hundred people sitting there listening all the time and then other people passing through the park who still heard snatches of our performance. It was really good fun.'

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