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Brooke Weston vs Montsaye

Brooke Weston vs Montsaye
Dave crawford, right midfield
Tuesday 7th February 2006 by C. Freeman

Alex Parker's Match Report

PictureShot off target
CTC against Montsaye are always nail biting football games due to previous matches that have been played always being close. However, the Year 10 CTC lads have the better record between the two, as their last match was a terrific 4-1 away win. This was just one of the games that they won to secure a league win again. So there was no doubt that this county cup quarter final would be a great game both to watch and play in. The game started off pretty even, however Montsaye failed to take advantage of the wind in the first half, creating few chances. However CTC missed a vital chance to score just before the second half with a great run from David Crawford ending up with a shot which went wide. During the second half CTC missed a few really good chances and Montsaye scored a goal that was a great team goal, 20 minutes from time. Everything seemed over, as CTC weren't using the wind and the sun to their advantage, at all. Montsaye created more chances and seemed to be more 'up for it.' Just as everyone thought that CTC were out, their captain, Ben Johnson, executed a brilliant long throw over the top of their strong defence, while a tired looking Alex Parker used his strength to win the ball and won the race to the edge of the area, where he coolly slotted home the equaliser.

PictureMidfield battle
This goal gave the whole of CTC a big confidence boost, as they managed to hold onto their draw right the way through a further 20 minutes of physical extra time. No chances were created in this long period, both teams looked very tired, so the game was going to be decided on penalties; a harsh way to go out, but a great way to win. With some great penalties being taken from both teams and some excellent saves from goalkeeper Charlie Mawby in the CTC goal, the game had to be decided by sudden death. Steven Davidson scored calmly for CTC and Montsaye's best player hit over the bar to see CTC win and go through to the semi-finals. This game showed a great team spirit from CTC, as they managed to win without fellow team mate Ryan Poore, one of the rocks of midfield along with Ben Johnson, Alex Phillips, Marcus Downie and David Crawford. CTC's defence was solid all the way through, breaking down Montsaye's football. With Aaron Davies and Liam Mutch keeping their reputation for an unbreakable partnership at centre back Ross Knox, Sam James and Tom Nelson showed lots of confidence, as they worked well with the wide midfielders to both stop and create some excellent play. The striking force of CTC usually looks dangerous and very sharp. Both Connor Sharkey and Alex Parker found it hard to play against a well structured Montsaye defence. However, they closed down the defence and in the end managed to break the deadlock by scoring two minutes from time. Steven Davidson came on for Aaron Davies and showed everyone why the manager, Frank Murphy, picked him for the strong squad. This was a well fought battle that was won in the end by the best team.

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