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Profile of Mrs Waterman

Profile of Mrs Waterman
Wednesday 9th April 2008 by C. Freeman
A driving ambition and a passion to succeed have meant that Assistant Principal and Head of English, Carly Waterman, is being appointed a Deputy Head after only seven years as a teacher. Mrs Waterman is taking up her new role at Northampton School for Girls in September, but her two years at Brooke Weston have given her a solid grounding in management and leadership.

Mrs Waterman said: 'Although I've only been here two years, I've gained a huge amount of experience.' She has been particularly impressed by the management team's complementary styles, describing it as showing both a 'perceptive way of dealing with people' and an 'absolutely clear vision about the future of Brooke Weston'.

She said: 'I've been very lucky here because we have some fantastic leaders to use as inspiration. I watch them carefully and think about how they judge situations and make decisions. I've learned a great deal.'

Mrs Waterman was educated in Corby and is no stranger to Brooke Weston, having studied here as a sixth former. After going on to gain a degree, she made the decision to pursue a teaching qualification. As soon as she started training, she knew it was the right career for her: 'I took to it straight away, and realised I'd found something I really believed in. I love teaching secondary age students; they have so much energy and a willingness to embrace new ideas.'

Mrs Waterman started her career as an English teacher at Prince William School in Oundle where she took on as many opportunities she could manage: 'That really paid off because after two years I gained the position of Head of English at Huxlow Science College in Irthlingborough. I only managed to secure such a swift promotion because I had been so eager to embrace every challenge that came my way.'

At Huxlow, she led a department of six colleagues and significantly improved the English GCSE results. 'I loved it at Huxlow. We were a small team, but very supportive. It was a very successful and enjoyable three years of my life.'

Looking for her next challenge, Mrs Waterman came to Brooke Weston as Head of English.

She said: 'It was a fantastic move because I came to a department that teaches English, Media and Drama, so it was a much, much bigger job. In my second year here I was promoted to Assistant Principal, which was another excellent opportunity.'

Mrs Waterman wasn't actively looking to move schools, but saw the position for Deputy Head at NSG and decided it was too good an opportunity to miss.

She said: 'I'm really looking forward to my new position, but I will really miss Brooke Weston. I enjoy every day here; I walk into school with a smile and I'm still smiling as I leave. The students at Brooke Weston are superb, as are the staff. It really is a very special place.'

Mrs Waterman will now be one of only two deputies at the single sex school which, with 1700 students, is much larger than Brooke Weston. Although much of Mrs Waterman's new post will be taken up with management issues, she will still teach for ten lessons a week. She said: 'I've loved my time at Brooke Weston and will be really sad to go, but this new position is the next logical step in my career.'

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