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Tree planting

Tree planting
Mr Barrett and Miss Foster doing their bit for the College conservation area.
Tuesday 4th March 2008 by C. Freeman
For the second year running students and staff have planted a variety of trees on the College's conservation area. This year 150 specimens have been planted to augment the 116 planted last year and the varieties have been specially chosen to provide a good mix of foliage, blossom and coverage.

The groundsmen decided a planting order for the trees and arranged them in ten separate groups, with each copse comprising five varieties. This year new species, such as small leaved lime and oaks were used, as well as ash, birch, rowans and crab-apples which were the same as those last year.

The trees were planted as part of the Period One curriculum with Year 7 students placing the trees in ready-dug holes, backfilling them and adding stakes. Teacher Mrs Ainscow said: 'This is part of an ongoing project and there are plans to repeat the tree planting for six or seven years as we have the space for it. Some of the trees such as the ash, birch and rowan will take about ten years to mature while others are much more slow-growing.'

Groundsman, Paul Twamley said 'The conservation area is an evolving resource for the College and it's proved very successful. We've had bulb planting, tree planting and hedge laying projects over the years and each of them have made the grounds more beneficial to different insects and wildlife. The trees were specially selected for their different qualities; the crab apples have wonderful blossom whereas the oak saplings will grow into sturdy leafy trees which may last for centuries.'

Teachers, Mr Barrett and Miss Foster from Design Technology are pictured planting a tree. Mr Barrett said: 'We planted a tree on behalf of the DT department which is appropriate because of the amount of wood we use there. The tree is a crab apple, so hopefully we will be making some jam in a few year's time in the new food technology area.'

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