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GCSE success stories

GCSE success stories
Lydia Pouncey.
GCSE success stories
Bethan Lewis.
GCSE success stories
Lillian Williams.
Tuesday 30th August 2016 by C. Freeman

Well done to all of our students who are celebrating their GCSE results. Here’s what a few of our top performers are planning to do next:

Lydia Pouncey is one of our two highest performing students. Both she and Lauren Coull achieved 9A*, Distinction and two As grades. Lydia said: ‘I worked really hard but I didn’t think I’d do as well as this. Mocks gave an idea of where I was so then I was able to work on what I knew I needed to improve on. My advice would be start working from the mocks but have a social life as well otherwise you will get bored of revision. I am doing maths, further maths, chemistry and biology at A Level and will probably do a degree in maths or the sciences.’

Bethan Lewis worked hard for her 8A*s, 3As and a Distinction. She said: ‘I am most pleased about the fact I got As in my English as I was worried after the exams, plus A* in all three sciences. I worked hard throughout the whole year and I didn’t leave anything until the last minute. I am going to Reading Festival so I think that is a pretty good celebration. I tried my hardest in all my exams. I am coming back to do A Level maths, biology, chemistry and either French or PE. I want to go to university in Bath to do something science based.’

James Walton achieved 8A*s, 2As and a B. He said: ‘I am pretty pleased and I revised a lot. The result I am most happy about is physics. I am going to do physics and chemistry at A Level plus a couple of others but I don’t know what I want to do eventually.'

Lillian Williams was celebrating her Distinction*, 5A* and 5A exam profile. She said: ‘I am most happy about my A* in physics because I thought I might have dropped to an A and I really wanted to get the top mark. I knew I was on track for these results. I started revising as soon as possible and I also have a good memory so once I revise it tends to stick, especially with the sciences. They are something I am passionate about so it is easy for me to remember and understand. I am coming back to do all three sciences and perhaps history and I want to go on to veterinary studies.’

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