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Arkwright Scholarships Trust

Arkwright Scholarships Trust
Monday 11th July 2016 by C. Freeman

Keen engineering students will be able to apply for £1,000 of grant money towards their studies under the Arkwright Scholarships Trust scheme. Selected students will be awarded £600 for their personal use and a further £400 for their school’s DT department.

To be eligible students need to demonstrate an interest and aptitude in engineering subjects and they should be planning to study STEM subjects in further or higher education. A minimum requirement is that they study maths at A Level. Applicants need to submit an application, undergo an aptitude test and, if successful, attend a final interview.

Head of DT, Mr Browne said: ‘This is for all students interested in STEM. The benefit is that they would get a financial benefit of £600 over two years. They get to do a project that can be DT-related or something else outside their curriculum. They get enrichment opportunities, free software and possible support through university. Nationally we need about 120,000 STEM graduates a year and we only produce 20,000 so there is a huge shortfall.’

Paul Kennington, regional liaison officer for the Arkwright Scholarships Trust, said: ‘We award close to 400 scholarships nationally each year and they are often sponsored by a national or multi-national engineering company. Some firms also offer mentoring from an engineer and work experience opportunities as well.

‘The key thing is that we are looking for future leaders in engineering. This year we have approximately 1,600 applicants nationally. We took around 800 to interview and will award 400 scholarships. The money is to be used to support the students’ interest in engineering so if they are doing DT they might purchase special kit, textbooks or equipment.

‘The vast majority of our Arkwright Scholars go on to become engineers and we are looking for candidates with the right subjects, interest and aptitude. This is the Trust’s 25th anniversary and we have awarded thousands of scholarships over the years. Many keep in contact with us and there is quite an old boys’ network as well.’

The Arkwright Scholarships Trust scheme will launch at Brooke Weston early next academic year, or contact Mr Browne for more information.

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