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Superb apprenticeship opportunities still available

Superb apprenticeship opportunities still available
Friday 3rd June 2016 by C. Freeman

Students should be aware there are still some exceptional top-quality apprenticeship opportunities available for a start early in the autumn.

Two diverse examples are currently highlighted on the television screens around the building. The first is a degree-level apprenticeship with Morrisons in Food Engineering and the other is a PR apprenticeship in London. Both offer on-the-job training, attractive starting salaries and career development opportunities.

Careers adviser Mr Primmett said: 'These are two examples that really illustrate how the job market is changing. Employers are increasingly seeking motivated and enthusiastic school leavers for their apprenticeship programmes as it gives young people the opportunity to really learn about an organisation from the ground up and can form the basis of a long and successful career in areas that have not been traditionally associated with apprenticeships. Apprenticeships can now provide an alternative pathway into professional careers normally requiring the traditional route of higher education and university.

'Both Government and employers are encouraging apprenticeships as a way of tackling skills shortages as there is a growing discrepancy between jobs that need doing now and the expectations of some school leavers and newly-qualified graduates - this is causing a serious skills ‘mismatch’. Apprenticeships offer an effective solution for employers and job-seekers alike.

‘The engineering apprenticeship is a top-of-the range opportunity because it includes high-level NVQ training in electrical and mechanical engineering and can even lead to a degree paid for by the company. The position is local and offers an unusually high starting salary of £16,000. The other apprenticeship is London-based in PR and offers a stepping stone into an industry which is notoriously competitive and cut-throat, so well worth the hassle of commuting!’

Interested students should contact our careers adviser, Mr Primmett.

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