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Mr Primmett outlines careers opportunities

Mr Primmett outlines careers opportunities
Friday 8th April 2016 by C. Freeman

Careers adviser Mr Primmett presented assemblies on the range of apprenticeship opportunities available and the fact that they can offer greater financial and career advantages than the traditional university route.

He told students: ‘Employers are going through a period of drastic change on how they employ, train and develop the workforce. Whilst they will continue to recruit university graduates with the appropriate skills they are now also targeting high-quality school leavers after both GCSE and Sixth Form studies and develop them using the apprenticeship system. Recent research confirms many young people think apprenticeships are low paid and offer poor career prospects, but these are myths and there are some outstanding opportunities available.’

He outlined some of the diverse apprenticeships that our students have recently secured,: ‘In his first year of training this apprentice, working for National Grid, will be earning more as an annual salary than many graduates will ever earn as a salary in their lifetime. This apprenticeship attracted applications from graduates.’

Other routes include business and financial services: ‘Every year this school produces apprentice accountants; large firms will pay higher salaries during training than some graduates will ever earn. There are unique opportunities within GCHQ working with the British intelligence and security services. They recruit apprentices to work on IT and telecommunications projects and one of their apprenticeships includes an employer-funded degree.

‘Another student is now working as an apprentice surveyor/project manager for a multi-national construction company delivering Cross Rail which will increase the size of the London Underground system to carry 200m passengers a year. It is a role with fantastic prospects. Other students have secured apprenticeships in quantity surveying and even architecture – all included degrees paid for by their employers.’

‘A Year 13 student was holding offers to attend top universities but instead she applied to learn to fly with the Royal Navy. Her training package includes a degree and she will become a commissioned officer. After one year of training she will be earning thousands more than university graduates and controlling missions - all through keeping an open mind as to her career route.

‘We are very lucky that this country is full of opportunity. We have a world-class university system and a fabulous rapidly-developing apprenticeship system. Put the two together and our students have an unparalleled range of careers and options to follow. They need to be professional, open-minded and enthusiastic to secure these apprenticeships. These examples are just a brief overview of the jobs on offer, some of which pay more in training than the typical salaries of some graduates.’

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