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Bethan improves her triathlon performance

Bethan improves her triathlon performance
Bethan with her rosette.
Friday 18th March 2016 by C. Freeman

Congratulations to Bethan Lewis who recently came sixth in the Pony Club’s national triathlon. It is the second time that Bethan, from Year 11, has competed in the event with swimming, running and shooting disciplines. She did resistance training using weights in the pool in preparation for the swim, finished in the top 10 in the 1500m run and equalled her personal best score of 880 out of 1000 in the shooting where she hit a turning target from a distance of 10m. Bethan was one of only two competitors from the area to qualify for the event that took place at Stantonbury Campus, Milton Keynes. She has progressed to the U-21 age category competing against 40 other athletes.

She said: ‘I was really pleased with my results. As this was my second year competing I was a bit more prepared and knew what to expect. Looking at the scores afterwards I worked out that if I had run nine seconds quicker and had nine more metres on my swim I would have come third so the competition was quite close.’

The Pony Club Triathlon is a winter series of competitions. Now Bethan is preparing for their summer tetrathlon that has an additional discipline of riding. She has also taken up fencing so she can compete in the modern pentathlon, which is an Olympic sport: ‘I always though pentathlon looked really fun. I like fencing. At the minute I am not that skilled, I have not been doing it that long but you have to be quite aggressive. It doesn’t look that taxing but it is really hard work and I quite enjoy the fact that it is all down to you to get the results. Hopefully I will do a couple of competitions this season and see how I get on. I go to the gym a couple of mornings a week and have joined a running club as well to keep my fitness up.’

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