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Former student speaks about career opportunities

Former student speaks about career opportunities
Tuesday 2nd February 2016 by C. Freeman

Former student Jack Crane returned to Brooke Weston to tell our students about career opportunities with his employer, PwC. Jack joined the firm 18 months ago and is based at their London Bridge offices. He successfully applied via the School and College Leaver Programme, a two-year apprenticeship that leads to a certificate in Management Consulting Practice and a permanent position with the firm.

He said: ‘I have worked with some really interesting clients and one of my biggest projects was working for a major central government department, helping them design an apprenticeship programme, which was fulfilling. I joined with about 20 people in the same intake as me and it was really nice to have that peer group and pre-built network.

'There is a clear set career progression and, over time, you become better at your job and learn from other people. Dealing with people and developing a professional manner are both skills that I have learned. I would recommend this as a career as I have really loved it and it is a genuinely really good opportunity.

'I enjoy the public sector work that I have done, but have been involved in a really broad range of projects, including one in the skills sector for the UK government, one for an international development client in the public sector, and one for a small business acquired by PwC working in the commodities sector.

'As an apprentice you are surrounded by people who are so good at their job and who have done it for so many years that there is a ton of expertise to draw upon. My colleagues all seem genuinely interested in the apprenticeship scheme and they are really keen to pass on what they know. I spoke to the Year 12s about my career route. Even if one student thinks that they might look into this route a bit more then it will have been worth it.'

Business teacher Miss Kelly said: ‘I wanted the students to understand from Jack’s talk that there are routes other than university because there are a lot of opportunities out there.’

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