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League Table Results

Tuesday 15th January 2008 by C. Freeman
Brooke Weston is top of the league table for county state schools at GCSE level, and its performance is double the average pass rate for Northamptonshire. Government tables, which focused on performance at GCSE, A-Level and value added measurements put Brooke Weston consistently at the top end of the table for state schools, with only one other state-funded school achieving Brooke Weston's GCSE pass rate of 86 per cent. Twice the amount of Brooke Weston students gained five or more good GCSEs including English and Maths, compared with the county pass rate of 42.3 per cent, although all students passed five or more GCSEs, making 2007 the fourth year running that Brooke Weston achieved a 100 per cent pass rate.

The published A-Level scores were equally encouraging with Brooke Weston students achieving an average point score per student of 785, well above the national average of 731.1 and county average of 673. Brooke Weston runs A-Level courses in 27 subjects and the 2007 exam pass rate was an impressive 98 per cent with nearly half of all exams taken awarded an A or B grade.

The 'value added' score shows how students have progressed from their expected performance when joining a secondary school to their actual performance. A figure of around 1000 points would be expected and any deviation above or below that would show more or less 'value' has been added to their performance up to Key Stage 4.

Brooke Weston's 'value added' score is calculated at 1015.6, putting it in the top three schools in Northamptonshire for enhancing students' potential.

Principal, Trish Stringer said: 'These figures represent all the hard work and effort put in by students and staff on a daily basis. To be at the top of the league tables is gratifying, but ultimately we want our students to work to the best of their abilities so that they leave Brooke Weston equipped with a wide range of knowledge and skills.'

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