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Voice contestant Howard Rose talks to students

Voice contestant Howard Rose talks to students
Tuesday 5th January 2016 by C. Freeman

‘The Voice’ contestant Howard Rose visited Brooke Weston to speak to students about his singing career and give them advice on following their dreams and coping with setbacks. He performed some of his songs that featured on the show, including his version of ‘My Generation’ that led to him being picked and becoming one of Tom Jones’s final three contestants in the show.

He told the students: ‘I have been working in music for 15 years, singing and working towards a goal from an early age - that means dedicating yourself to something. There isn’t a minute of the day that goes by that I am not thinking about music and developing the things that I do because I want to be better, because that is what is going to set you apart from your competitors. If you are working towards something that you really believe in then you are living the dream.

‘Whatever you decide to do, do it to the best of your ability and chase your dream, because if you are not doing it, someone else right behind you is doing it and we are all only one step away from success.’

He began his musical career in a band in Melton Mowbray and while at an open mic night in Manchester was spotted by The Voice talent scouts and was invited to audition for the show. He said: ‘The idea of getting out in front of ten and a half million people in the first episode was a no brainer. You get to meet great people as well so it is all about putting yourself in that position, doing things that you never thought you would do.’

Since competing in the show he has signed to an agent and has just released a single ‘The Sailor’. He said: ‘My networking skills picked up a lot and I was in a situation surrounded by some of the best singers in the country so being able to connect with those people was a great opportunity. There comes the realisation that you have never really done enough. There is always the opportunity to do more, there is always the chance to be better at what you do than where you are right now.’

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