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Winning students receive letter from MP

Winning students receive letter from MP
Angela with the letter from Mr Pursglove.
Friday 30th October 2015 by C. Freeman

Corby MP Tom Pursglove has forwarded some of our students’ ideas on to Prime Minister David Cameron. The students, from tutor group 9N, came up with their own political manifesto as part of this year’s BW election process and won the election, along with the prize of a trip to Westminster. During their visit Mr Pursglove asked the students to send him their manifesto. Their policies included improving the NHS, lowering the voting age to 16 and cutting benefits to fund iPads in schools.

Now Angela Oljaca, who headed up the party along with classmate Jeshurun Peprah, has received a letter from Mr Pursglove in which he commented that the tutor group had: ‘some really great ideas’ and that it was ‘fantastic to see you all getting stuck into politics.’

Angela said: ‘Mr Pursglove wanted to know what our three policies were and he asked me to email him with our manifesto so he could take a look at our ideas. We did that and received a letter from him with his feedback. He was really impressed with the statistics that we used in the manifesto and he also said that he emailed a copy to David Cameron and he would forward any response that he was given.

‘The trip to the Houses of Parliament was really interesting because we got a tour and were shown how it runs on a daily basis. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so it was really interesting. Seeing it in real life is a bit different from seeing it on the news and the MPs were having a discussion in the House of Commons about immigration. Mr Pursglove came into the room when we were doing our last activity of the day. He was really excited to see us because we were the winning team so he asked us how we managed to do it, how the speech went and how much effort we put into it.’

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