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Brooke Weston Election 2015

Brooke Weston Election 2015
The winning tutor group (now 9N) with Mr Houghton.
Brooke Weston Election 2015
Brooke Weston Election 2015
Brooke Weston Election 2015
Brooke Weston Election 2015
Brooke Weston Election 2015
Tuesday 8th September 2015 by C. Freeman

Congratulations to tutor group 8N (now 9N) who have won this year’s hotly contested election. The party, headed up by Angela Oljaca and Jeshurun Peprah, campaigned on election issues including improving the NHS, lowering the voting age to 16 and cutting benefits to fund iPads in schools. Each of the former Year 8 tutor groups came up with their own manifestos, slogans and promotional materials and took part in hustings to canvass support.

The results were announced in assembly with individuals and tutor groups winning prizes in a range of categories. Angela said: ‘We were really pleased when we won as it was a lot of hard work.’ Tutor group 9N will visit the Houses of Parliament this week as a prize for winning the election.

The project was co-ordinated by Ms Coombe and Mr Glesinger. He said: ‘This year’s students have been fantastic. We have tweaked the format and tried to make it more realistic, hence the canvassing which the students have really got on board with. They are really supportive of each other and have been asking pertinent questions on how to develop their campaigns. As last year’s groups had already gone through the process before so they knew the difficult questions to ask! Some of the questions were brilliant but tough however the party leaders managed to respond well and think on their feet. The winning team focused on the fact that young people can be treated like adults at 16 and join the Army, but don’t get the vote until they are 18. That is an issue we have not seen before.'

Holly Simmonds from Regener8 said: ‘Our main policies were on immigration, the environment and jobs in the UK. We chose them because they are three big issues that are regularly in the news. It was quite fun to campaign but it was also really stressful. I was surprised at how well our campaign speech went.’

Ethan Taitt from 8Tornadoes said: ‘Our policies were on education, healthcare and poverty in the UK. The most interesting thing was learning about our strengths as a tutor group, building a strong team and persuading people about our policies.’

Meg Maguire from 8E said: ‘We had three main policies; legalising euthanasia, improving healthcare and fighting discrimination and we chose the name Entity as we were a strong and distinct group. It was interesting how people can have completely different opinions on politics.’

Luke Andrew, the web and blog team manager for 8W said: ‘We were promoting education so that people can get better jobs. With healthcare we plan to extend and build more hospitals so that patients can be seen faster and we hope to build hostels for the homeless so they can get food and shelter. We have learned teamwork and I really like the MP’s visit as he was like one of us and wanted to know students’ views.’

Thomas Webb from the winning tutor group said: ‘Our manifesto was about education, healthcare and age restriction. From 16 you are allowed to join the Army yet you have to be 18 to play most warfare games on a gaming console. We think that from 16 you should be technically classed as an adult and have responsibility. The vote on the referendum to stay in or leave the EU is coming up and at 16 this is your future and you should be able to decide what happens to your country.’

Well done to all those who took part in this year’s election, particularly those who won in the other categories as follows:

Best boards- 9E

Best campaign material – 9R

Best individual contribution and leadership – Rajan Khunti (9K)

Best wikipages and blogs – 9K

Best kept and completed workbooks – 9R

Ability to respond to audience questioning – Autumn Walsh (9S)

Best speech – Angela Oljaca (9N)

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