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Medical aspirations for our A Level students

Medical aspirations for our A Level students
Julia Komor.
Medical aspirations for our A Level students
Tho-Quang Nguyen.
Medical aspirations for our A Level students
Medical aspirations for our A Level students
Molly Beeby.
Medical aspirations for our A Level students
Simran Garcha.
Monday 17th August 2015 by C. Freeman

Many of our students have secured places on medicine and medical-related courses at university. Here are their plans and career routes:

Julia Komor is going to study medicine at Imperial College London having gained A* grades in biology and chemistry and an A in English literature.

She said: ‘I did all of the past papers that I had time for plus reading and revision and I think it paid off. I went to Imperial a couple of times and I really liked the vibe of the place, it is very new, modern and one of the top universities in the country so, aside from having a really good course and really good teaching it was just a good environment and based in London.

‘I am thinking of specialising in plastic surgery but that could all change. It is a six-year course as there is an extra year in the middle. I did three separate placements abroad and a placement in England as well. Here I was looking at how dentists worked and did some computer labelling and paperwork. When I was abroad I assisted a bit in operations, took photos and talked to the nurses and patient. It can be quite tricky to get a placement with a practice because medicine is a very popular thing to do.’

Tho-Quang Nguygen, who got A*s in maths, biology and chemistry, plus an A in physics, is going to study medicine at Queen Mary in London.

He said: ‘You have to give up some of the things you really love during exam season such as doing things with your family or going out with friends. At first I spent maybe an hour or two a night from January but it ramps up during exam season so from March I probably wasn’t doing anything else other than revising.

'Medicine is one of those things where there is so much that you can do that you have to have a taste of it before you know what you want to specialise in. I really liked the location of the hospital and it is a 20-minute tube into town. It is an amazing university as well. I haven’t had time to worry about these results because, for the past seven weeks I have been travelling through south east Asia with friends visiting Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and the Philippines.’

Jordan Smith has got a place to study medicine at the University of Nottingham after securing A grades in biology, chemistry and maths.

He said: ‘I am proud of my A Levels but I am probably most proud of my AS level Spanish as it was just such a challenge but it was a skill that I wanted. I will be studying medicine for five years and I would probably like to do paediatrics or something child-centred. My sister is studying medicine at Keele and one of her teachers is a GP so I did a placement at their practice in Newcastle. It was brilliant, because they are a teaching practice they are used to making it as interesting as possible.’

Molly Beeby will be studying a four year Masters’ course in medicinal chemistry at UCL. She got an A* in history and As in biology and chemistry.

She said: ‘I would rather do drug research and development than the medical route involving face to face contact with the public. I felt my interest shift as I started doing chemistry and biology at A Level. We made aspirin in chemistry and that is one of the things that got me really interested in this course as it is very much science-based and practical.’

Simran Garcha got A grades in biology, chemistry and sociology and will study at Aston. She said: ‘I applied for optometry but am hoping to change that to dentistry as I wasn’t expecting to get three As, so I didn’t think dentistry was an option. I felt after the exams that there wasn’t anything more that I could do so I am glad I put everything into them. I couldn’t be happier. I chose Aston because I really like the city, the university and the campus as it is nice and compact and next to the Bullring. Everyone at home was so shocked, but in a really good way and I surprised myself with these results!’

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