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‘Phantastic Physics 2015'

‘Phantastic Physics 2015'
The team at Phantastic Physics 2015.
‘Phantastic Physics 2015'
Josh, Sofia, Ethan and Axel with their certificates from the day.
Thursday 16th July 2015 by C. Freeman

Congratulations to Josh Bell, Ethan Vowles, Sofia Amanovic and Axel Kularatnam who successfully took part in a series of practical experiments as part of a ‘Phantastic Physics 2015’ event at Uppingham.

The day, led by teaching and learning coaches from the Institute of Physics, was aimed at Year 9 gifted and talented students and around 50 teams from 30 local schools took part. The emphasis was on practical, hands-on science and the theories behind it.

The students were accompanied by Mr Hawksley who said: ‘Phantastic Physics 2015 took place at Uppingham Community College. Students did a circus of activities and practicals where they had to complete a practical and then figure out what the science behind it was. There were a couple of longer investigations that they had to go through and they scored on each one with a cumulative total. They also had to design and potentially prepare to present a poster on the science behind one of the experiments. They had an inspirational outdoor lecture that culminated in an explosion of liquid nitrogen which threw balls up in the air. The idea of the event was for it to be an inspirational day that would challenge the gifted students. Our students represented Brooke Weston really well and certainly rose to the challenges presented to them.’

Axel said: ‘It was fun meeting new people from other schools.’

Josh said: ‘It was quite fun because you had to do different experiments that were set up and you went round to each table. There were experiments and investigations took a bit longer.’

Ethan said: ‘The highlight of the day was probably the lectures because we learned a lot more about physics and how it worked and they showed us some really interesting stuff, such as the giant smoke ring cannon that shot out a ring of smoke. They also had a demonstration where they had a bin full of balls then they got a bottle full of liquid nitrogen, they shook it up, put it in and the balls exploded into the air.’

Sofia said: ‘There was a lot of physics that stretched us as it was harder than we normally do but it was good because it helped us to think outside the box.’

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