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Students visit Sheffield University under Future Scholars Award Scheme

Students visit Sheffield University under Future Scholars Award Scheme
Jack, Denzel and Nina.
Tuesday 23rd June 2015 by C. Freeman

Three of our students toured the University of Sheffield and attended two taster lectures as part of the Future Scholars Award that encourages Year 9 students to start thinking about applying to university.

Students Jack Lewin, Nina Furtado and Denzel Guma were chosen as they are enthusiastic in their studies and have the potential to attend a top flight university. They were accompanied by Mr Strydom who said: ‘The DfE has given an opportunity for students across the country to take part in the Future Scholars Award which is an opportunity for them to go and see a Russell Group university. It was quite a good opportunity for them to get recognised as a high achiever and to see how that could translate to a top university.

‘We were allocated a visit to Sheffield so we had an early start. The students got to see what university and student life was like and they had a tour. The campus stretches for two miles across the city in lots of different buildings. The library is open 24/7 365 days a year. Students can get in there any time, you can see them at 2 o'clock in the morning studying so it was just an eye opener for our students.

‘It's a crucial time for them picking their options because often students don’t realise that what they do now could impact their future university education, particularly with Russell Group universities. Sheffield is very research-based. The IT department has a computer science company that actually programs and develops so when you are studying there you are working within that company and developing software. One of their departments is going to be sending a rocket into space in the next couple of years to look at forestry patterns across the world and see the effect of deforestation.

‘The highlight of the day was seeing university life and being able to ask questions. There were a variety of schools there and the students were all thrown into a group of strangers and they got on with it. They allowed them to have two lessons during the day which gave them a feel of what a lecture would be like. We picked students that we felt had a good opportunity to go onto university, were enthusiastic in their current studies and showed drive to potentially go on to higher level studies.’

Student Jack Lewin said: 'It was quite a good experience of what universities were like and you got a feel for what it would be like studying there. I was surprised at how widespread the campus was because you had to travel half way across the city to get to some parts of it. We had a Japanese lesson which was quite interesting and another one on social science studying the results of Eurovision and seeing what it says about countries and their opinions of each other.'

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