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Pet Writing Competition

Pet Writing Competition
Thursday 9th April 2015 by C. Freeman

Here is the winning entry from Olivia Miller who won her age category in the recent pet writing competition. Mrs Halloway launched the competition in a recent assembly where she told students about all the wild animals and birds that find sanctuary at her house and she encouraged them to write their own 500-word piece about pets. Congratulations go to Seth Goddard who won in the upper school category.

Olivia, from Year 7, said: ‘The idea came to me because I have a good imagination and I think about things a lot. I thought what do the animals feel like. We are the boss of them but what if it was the other way around? The intention was to make people laugh. I really enjoy creative writing because I do a lot in class. This is the first time I have won a writing competition. I read a lot and I like everyone who does a good adventure story and I really like Suzanne Collins and Enid Blyton.’

My Pet Human

My pet human is my best friend. He loves me this much!!! Of course, he can be very naughty sometimes - for example, once he wouldn’t hold the lead when I took him for a walk! As well as the time when he gave me a nice edible gift, so I gave him a nice gift too... I don't think either of us expected it to be that messy but he didn't need to bin it :(. Although my pet human is a lot bigger than me since we are a different species, I have learnt to control him really well. He even does tricks!

On the flip side he can be the funniest creature; one time I caught him doing his business INDOORS!!! yuck. And also the sweetest: I will never forget that walk we went on in the rain and I let him splash in the puddles. He looked so cute - must've been having a great time. And he will always be the friendliest; another will never top him.

Despite my human being wrapped around my little paw, he can get out of control. He even tried to tell ME off! The nerve!! But most of the time I pet him and even more generously, let him be my chair. He is my taxi, my slave and my companion- I honestly couldn't live without him. But occasionally when things go really wrong and out of control, I came up with a much easier tactic. Just blame the cat!

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