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Visit from members of the Perspective Trust

Visit from members of the Perspective Trust
Faye Harris, Dave Carson and Kal Budwal from The Perspective Trust.
Tuesday 24th March 2015 by C. Freeman

Representatives from the Perspective Trust visited Brooke Weston to speak to our Year 8 students about the concept of evil and suffering as part of our Humanities curriculum. The session was led by Faye Harris, Kal Budwal and Dave Carson.

Head of Beliefs, Philosophy and Ethics Ms Coombe said: ‘The Trust was invited to give a Christian, perspective on the issue of evil and suffering. Faye started by asking students to discuss natural evil/suffering and moral evil/suffering and they were asked to decide what categories different forms of suffering fell into.

‘Faye spoke about the Christian view that God created a perfect world; evil/suffering entered into the world when Adam and Eve disobeyed God by the eating of the forbidden fruit; Jesus came to redeem the world by his death and resurrection and the Christian view is that Jesus will return and the world will become perfect once again.

‘Christians believe they need to try and support those who are suffering for example by charity work and social action. Faye explained that having a faith often affected the way people react to life and its issues and this was illustrated by David’s intensely personal account.’

Dave Carson spoke unflinchingly about the past two years when he developed an undiagnosed infection that led to sepsis. This resulted in a coma and medical experts gave him less than a 1% chance of survival. His church, Hope Church in Corby prayed for his recovery and after three weeks he was awakened from the coma, however he did have to have both legs and the tips of most of his fingers amputated as a result of the illness. He spoke about the stages of his recovery, the support of medical staff, family and friends and his life now including how his Christian faith has sustained him.

Kal said: ‘The children were really glued to Dave, listened intently to his story and asked some very thought-provoking questions at the end.’

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