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Students prepare for this year’s Spelling Bee

Students prepare for this year’s Spelling Bee
Amelia, Hanna, Olivia and Aleksa
Friday 27th February 2015 by C. Freeman

Our Year 7 students are practising for the regional round of a Spelling Bee and are revising after school and in their spare time to make sure their vocabulary is up to scratch.

Amelia Sulch, Hanna Mazur, Olivia Miller and Aleksa Trkulja all got through tutor group and school heats and, as our top performing students, will represent Brooke Weston at the next stage which will be held at Corby Business Academy.

During the competition they are given a word by the judge which they have to say, translate and spell as quickly as possible with the winner having the most correct answers in one minute. The list of vocabulary increases with each stage of the competition so our students are revising 150 words for the next stage with Amelia, Olivia and Aleksa competing in Spanish while Hanna is taking part in the German heats.

They spend an hour a week after school practising as a group under the supervision of our languages teachers and are really enjoying the experience.

Amelia said: ‘We are doing Spanish for the first time. I love it, I really like learning a new language because we also learn about the Spanish culture and it is really nice to learn about another country and another language. We are encouraged to practice in public places so we get used to speaking in front of people so I do it in the café.’

Hanna said: ‘I wanted to take part as I thought it would help me learn a lot in German and help me develop my language.’

Mrs Hibberd said: ‘These are a very committed group of students who are working really hard on their vocabulary and pronunciation. It would be great if they could emulate the achievements of India Bond, who got through the regionals and represented Brooke Weston at the national finals last year. They are getting on really well as a group and spend hours each week practising and encouraging each other.’

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