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Library trip round-up

Library trip round-up
Author Allan Stratton with some of our students.
Library trip round-up
The Harry Potter trip.
Library trip round-up
Monday 23rd February 2015 by C. Freeman

The students have been on two trips with the library recently, the first to see author Allan Stratton talking about his new book and the second to CBA to take part in a Harry Potter themed quiz afternoon.

10 students from Years 8 to 12 went to see Mr Stratton at Kettering Science Academy. The visit coincided with the publication of his latest book. The Dogs and there was a commemorative cake to mark the event. Copies of his book are available to borrow from the library.

Mrs Adams said: ‘Allan Stratton was brilliant, really engaging. He read the first chapter of The Dogs and you could hear a pin drop. The main character is a 15-year-old boy called Cameron. His Mum is really worried about a car that has been parked in the shadows across the road from their house for three nights in a row. Initially you think she’s a bit delusional. Gradually you learn that Cameron and his Mum have moved house several times. They start packing again. By the end of the chapter you realise that the man in the car outside their house is Cameron’s Dad. And the last sentence of the chapter has Cameron and Mum driving off slowly, with the headlights off.'

The second trip was to Corby Business Academy. Six of our students went along to join about 60 others from CBA and Corby Technical School. Mrs Adams said: ‘The students were really enthusiastic and all dressed up. Firstly they were sorted with a sorting hat into their houses and the students from different schools got muddled up. There was a quiz which they had to work together in their teams on and they then had to find characters in the library.

'Gobstoppers were awarded as points for their houses and the ones with the most at the end were the winners. There was a prize for the best costume and a competition to concoct and drink potions of lots of strange ingredients. It was a great themed day and gave the students the opportunity to mix with their peers from our other Trust schools and each team also had their own house elf as well!’

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