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Triathlon training news

Triathlon training news
Mr Clasper with some of the triathlon group.
Thursday 5th February 2015 by C. Freeman

The triathlon training group have successfully completed their toughest challenge yet, a swim sandwiched between two runs. The group ran down to Corby pool, completed nearly 30 lengths and ran back, even managing to complete the return leg more quickly than the outbound run.

PE teacher Mr Clasper said: ‘They ran with their swimming kit on so when we got to the pool it was trainers and shirts off then a dive straight in which made for a quick transition. We did 16 lengths, took a break for two minutes then did a further 13 lengths, jumped out, put our trainers and shirts back on and ran back. The students were apprehensive beforehand thinking they couldn’t do it, however they had a real sense of achievement at the end. '

'We had already trained in all the elements separately so it was a case of putting them all together. The only difficult bit was the first quarter of a mile after getting out of the pool because we were using different muscle groups. It just felt strange running after swimming after running. That is what they need to get used to, the transition between the different elements.

'Next time we will increase the swimming and do a longer run back. In the first week we were struggling to run there. Now we are managing to run there and back very fast whilst punctuated with a swim in the middle so their fitness has gone up exponentially. In the next few weeks it is going to really ramp up. We will differentiate the training to suit groups of students so that we can push everybody at their own level.'

The students ran to the pool in 18 minutes and it took just 16 minutes to run back. Jack Morris said: ‘ As I don’t do any sport outside of school it was a bit testing but really fun. The hardest challenge was probably the swimming.’

Harry Wilkinson added: ‘I was nervous getting out of the pool for the run but that was a lot easier as we had warmed up and you knew what to expect on the way back. It helped that Mr Clasper was there to keep us motivated and give us a push to keep going.’

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