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Former student promotes new ID app

Former student promotes new ID app
Bonnie Ghavami
Former student promotes new ID app
Wednesday 4th February 2015 by C. Freeman

Former student Bonnie Ghavami spoke to our Year 13 students about a newly-launched app that acts as a proof of identity. Bonnie, who left Brooke Weston four years ago, has completed a marketing and advertising degree at de Montfort. She is now working for who have developed an app to verify identities and promote safer socialising. The scheme is being launched as a pilot in Corby and there are plans to roll it out across the whole country.

Signing up to the app means that young people have a verifiable ID that is accepted at pubs and clubs, meaning that young people no longer have to carry around important or expensive ID like driving licences or passports.

Bonnie said: ‘No-one has done an app like this before. We are trying to get as many people signed up so that it is promoting safe clubbing. Venues can be at ease knowing they are letting people in that are age appropriate and they can keep a check of who is in there for safety purposes. Not everyone has a passport or driving licence and they are quite expensive so this is a low-cost option and they may even be able to sign up for free as we have a special promotion limited to 1,000 young people in Corby who can enrol on a first come first served basis.

‘We are promoting the app to Sixth Form students and venues in Corby. Even if you don’t have a smartphone you can still have the ID and log into a friend’s phone. We cross reference identities with Facebook and the GB group database to ensure accuracy.

‘We have market researched it with both pubs and the public and it has been very well accepted. Pubwatch are on board with it and the venues in Corby are really loving it because they can be more at ease knowing that people can go in more securely. They can query you and ask questions about your age and date of birth. If it rejects you it flags up on our system and everyone else’s in the town so you cannot get served anywhere else so, it is really cutting off the opportunities for underage drinking and also safeguarding the over-18s in a quick, portable and easy format.’

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