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Students learn the benefits of studying Latin

Students learn the benefits of studying Latin
The students and staff who have been promoting the study of Latin.
Tuesday 20th January 2015 by C. Freeman

Students are being given the opportunity to study Latin as an additional language and assemblies this week have highlighted Roman culture, its influence and the benefits of studying the language.

One assembly highlighted Roman life and culture and showed how some aspects, such as the straight Roman roads, are still a feature of modern Britain. During another assembly students enacted a dispute between a Roman money-lender and one of his clients.

Julienne Padayachy, who is studying GCSE Latin, told students how it has influenced modern languages including Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Romanian and English and is still the official language of the Vatican City. She gave feedback from students at GCSE and A Level.

She also took part in the re-enactment. She said: ‘I think it is really useful to learn Latin. It is a very useful subject to have as a qualification and on your CV. I also do German. I like learning about the history because that is really interesting. It is brilliant to learn another language.’

John Dows from Year 12 is studying Latin as part of the IEC. He said: ‘I am really enjoying it as I have always had a fascination with Roman history and I want to end up in medicine hopefully so the language will be useful for that. We practice the pronunciation and modern languages like Romanian is very heavily based on Latin. We have a test which will give us a Cambridge qualification and there may be the option to take the subject in Year 13 as well.’

Teacher Mrs Haven said: ‘Latin is a very useful subject to study as it not only has influenced many modern day languages but it is also useful, especially for those wanting a career in science, medicine and horticulture. It looks good on university applications and shows that students are prepared to study subjects beyond the norm. Students from Years 7 to 9 are welcome to join our after school club which will run on Tuesday night from 16:15 to 17:00. Additionally, students from Years 10 to 13 can use our independent resources on that night to take on Latin. A teacher will be available to offer help.'

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