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Year 12s take part in Breathe project

Year 12s take part in Breathe project
Monday 15th December 2014 by C. Freeman

Our Year 12 students had the opportunity to reflect upon ethical and spiritual issues during an interactive workshop run by two local organisations delivering outreach work to schools and young people.

The Breathe project incorporates fun activities with mp3 presentations and time for reflection. It encourages students to focus upon themselves, the community, the planet and concepts of spirituality and God.

It was led by Matt Wild from The CROPS Trust, based in Peterborough and Kal Budwal from the local Perspective Trust. Students rotated around different sections of a circuit, considering a different issue in each of 12 segments.

Matt said: ‘It was a reflective journey and the students had the opportunity to ask some of the big questions of life. The first three stations asked questions about themselves, the next three were thinking about other people and the community, the next were thinking about the planet that we share and the final three were spirit zone, asking questions about God. The students were guided by an mp3 player with tracks that gave instruction, reflections and questions. They heard what Christians believe and then thought about their own response. The session ended with a final video about the fact that we are all on a journey and these questions can take a lifetime to work out.’

Ms Coombe, the Head of BPE (Beliefs, Philosophy and Ethics), said: ‘The recent Human Utopia project worked well, but that dealt with the social, moral and cultural side. This session has complemented that and added a spiritual dimension. Although it was based on a Christian perspective it wasn’t preachy but offered an opportunity for the students to think “This is what one set of people think, do I agree or disagree and where do I stand on these issues?” I want the students to be challenged about the environment, themselves and their views including their place within the world and their response to some of the big issues in life.’

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