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Young Enterprise - Team Icon

Young Enterprise  - Team Icon
Tuesday 9th December 2014 by C. Freeman

Members of Team Icon, headed up by Conor Judge, have invented their own smoothies and shakes and published them in a book that is currently on sale for £5 a copy. The team got all the ingredients together and then came up with their own concoctions. After refining the recipes they taste-tested them before settling on a definitive version.

The full colour A4 book features 12 recipes, all of which are illustrated by pictures that the team took themselves. Conor said: ‘When we were thinking about products someone mentioned a cooking theme so we thought “why not market a cookbook?” and it spread to many ideas. We could do them for different seasons so the next one may be Valentine-themed. We are hoping to start designing it this month and it will be released at the start of January.

‘For the shakes and smoothies we came up with our own recipes. We didn’t want to copy them so they are all original, or tweaks on our own family favourites. We mixed and matched ingredients and had a rough idea of recipes. Then we did a second lot of shopping and testing, then took the photos. The recipes are all really nice. We shared them around the teachers and had some really positive comments.

‘What has been eye-opening is the effort you have to put into running a business and the amount of work you put into the product and the entire project. If you work together as a team with good communication and organisation you can get through it. That is what we have done with this first book.’

So far the team have already sold around 30 of the books and they will be available at the Christmas market.

Simon said: ‘I designed the book using the Apple Pages program. It took a day or so to get the templates in place. Once I was given all of the recipes I had to spend a whole weekend non-stop putting all of them in. Then it got sent to the printers. We were really pressuring ourselves to get it out as soon as we could as we had already taken a few pre-orders.

‘This team has been really good, we have all gelled really well. As this is my first year at Brooke Weston Young Enterprise has helped me settle in because now I have got a really good new group of friends.’

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