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Young Enterprise – Team Colour

Young Enterprise – Team Colour
Team Colour
Young Enterprise – Team Colour
At one of the trade fairs.
Thursday 4th December 2014 by C. Freeman

One of our teams of Sixth Formers is hoping for the sweet taste of success with the Young Enterprise scheme as they are selling confectionery in vintage-style jars. Team Colour, headed by managing director Pritpal Kaur, decided on the product as it has a wide target audience.

They have sourced a supply of jars which they are filling with different sweets, finishing off each with a label and ribbon ready for gifting. Pritpal said: ‘Our biggest sales have been from going around the school and pitching it to teachers. We are going to have an advert on the screens and they will also be available at the Christmas market for £3 a jar.’

Sales Director Jack Swingler said: 'We set out our stand in a tiered system which works well. Most people comment on it but it does take a long time to set up. Our best sellers are humbugs followed by the clear fruits. We are now also going to stock different flavoured sweets including chocolates.'

The team have also taken part in trade fairs in Stamford and Wellingborough. Their strategy is to have two people on the stall, two people selling to the public and two approaching shop keepers. Financial manager Kalina Marinova said: ‘At Stamford we had the same amount of sales by going out into the street and offering the product to people as we did by selling on our stall. We did get contacts of businesses that would be happy to stock us so it was a learning curve.’

Each member of the team has been working on different aspects of the business in order to contribute to the end product. Kalina said: ‘We decided on sweets because the target audience is quite diverse and the product is adaptable and can be themed for Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s day or Easter. We also wanted to use glass jars because they look better and are more environmentally friendly as they are reusable and recyclable.’

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