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Lupus fundraising

Lupus fundraising
9R tutor group with Gemma and Chloe pictured front centre.
Tuesday 9th September 2014 by C. Freeman

More than £1,500 will be donated to Lupus Research after fund-raising that involved individual students and the school as a whole. It was initiated by Year 9 student Chloe Pickard, after her classmate, Gemma Morris, underwent treatment for lupus, a disease of the immune system.

In order to show support for Gemma, whose hair had thinned due to the treatment she received, Chloe decided raise money for Lupus Research by getting her hair cut. She gave a presentation to two school assemblies so the whole student body donated money via a mufti day collection. More than £830 was raised in addition to £200 raised by Gemma and a further £500 from Chloe.

She and the rest of the 9R tutor group are delighted that Gemma is now well enough to return to Brooke Weston. Gemma said: ‘I thought that the fund-raising was a good idea and it showed that a lot of people cared for me, which was great. I was away for a whole term and it is great to be back and everyone has been really welcoming. When Chloe said she was going to cut her hair for the charity I felt really thankful.’

Chloe donated an impressive 34cm of hair to a charity that makes wigs for sick children. She said: ‘I am pleased to have done the fund raising but I am also pleased to have Gemma back. We were all missing something and Gemma has just brought a smile back to the classroom.’

The girls’ tutor Mr Tang said: ‘9R see Gemma as an inspiration to everyone. She is an extremely determined young lady who has fought through a difficult period of her life and continues to get stronger each day. Despite all her troubles Gemma still continues to smile and cheer people up and she too has raised money for people with lupus. I continue to be proud of Gemma and the achievements of 9R and I am proud of how 9R work together, smile together and celebrate together as a tutor group.’

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