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Election 2014

Election 2014
Party leader Eloise Adcock and deputy Luca Milford.
Election 2014
Mr Tang and the victorious 8R tutor group.
Election 2014
At the ballot box.
Election 2014
8E's leader, Rachel Boyd is flanked by team members Nina Furtardo and Cerys Johnson.
Tuesday 2nd September 2014 by C. Freeman

Congratulations to tutor group 8R who have won this year’s hard-fought election campaign and will be rewarded with a trip to the Houses of Parliament. The tutor group, led by Eloise Adcock and Luca Milford polled an impressive 26 per cent of the vote, and also got top awards in categories including best kept booklets and best badges.

The election results were announced at the end of a two-week campaign when each Year 8 tutor group had to plan and market their own manifesto, and take part in a live presentation to the electorate. Local MP Andy Sawford visited to give the students advice and the election was held on Thursday with an impressive 78% voter turnout. Just 13 votes separated the top two parties with 24 per cent of votes cast for runners up 8B.

The results were announced in assembly when Miss Stringer thanked Mrs Coombe and Mr Glesinger for all their hard work in making sure the election ran smoothly.

Mr Glesinger said: 'It's been focussed and the students have been passionate about their campaigns. Every single student has been on board and tutor groups have been working brilliantly in teams. We have had eight fabulous leaders and the tutors of each group have also played a big part in the success of the project.

'It is all about the ability to work as a team and to develop their understanding of politics. The election has got them to think about what is important to them as individuals. They have all felt quite passionately that the NHS and benefits system should be there for those that need it, not open to abuse.'

Afterwards Eloise said: ‘Our policies were to do with environment, education, conflict, scientific research and discrimination. Sorting out the roles was easy as everyone decided what they had to do and no-one really argued. It was very bonding. We have learned how difficult it is to be a politican and how hard it is to be a leader. I was dancing when I found out we had won, especially as the result was quite close.’

Luca Milford said: ‘I helped Ellie when she was making some big decisions. Doing the presentation was scary at first, but we have learned a lot about politics and teamwork skills.’

The awards were as follows:

Best kept booklets: 8R

Best badge/rosette: 1st 8R, 2nd 8N, 3rd 8W

Best speech: 1st 8B, 2nd 8E, 3rd 8R

Best knowledge of manifesto: 1st 8W, 2nd 8B, 3rd 8E

Best display board: 1st 8E, 2nd 8W, 3rd 8K

Congratulations to all the tutor groups that took part in this year’s elections.

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