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Attain Seminar

Attain Seminar
Attain Seminar
Thursday 19th January 2006 by C. Freeman
Teachers from all over the country visited Brooke Weston City Technology College to get training and advice on a cutting edge qualification being rolled out across the country. More than 130 delegates have attended a series of training sessions at the College which writes teaching materials for the new Diploma in Digital Applications (DiDA) qualification.

Brooke Weston's commercial arm, @tain, have been working with exam board, Edexcel to produce online teaching materials so that DiDA is a 'paperless' qualification, marked completely online, replacing the former GNVQ in Information Technology.

So far teachers have attended two sessions at the College, organised by @tain commercial director, Christine Stewart, to learn how to assess the coursework and teach the different modules in the classroom.

Teacher, Alan Robson from George Farmer Technology and Language College at Holbeach said: 'We always enjoy coming here because Brooke Weston offers very good, hands-on training within our price range and the in-house presentation is balanced and interesting.'

Janice Jesson from Charles Read High School in Grantham said: 'Christine Stewart always gets back to us as soon as possible with answers to our problems and all the staff at Brooke Weston are very helpful. The communication and links between the people at these seminars is fantastic. We bring our teaching assistants along so they are given this training alongside us.'

Parkhigh School at King's Lynn have started their staff DiDA training although they won't teach it until September 2006: 'The presentation was very clear. Communications between our school and Brooke Weston are excellent, they have given us an opportunity to see what we need in our school and how to deliver this teaching' said teacher, Alan De Witt.

Christine Stewart of @tain said: 'These training days are a fantastic opportunity for liaison between us, the exam board and the schools that are actually delivering the teaching materials. Each of the schools are at a different stage in the process, some are already teaching this qualification and others are coming on-stream later this year. These meetings give them and us a chance to come together to iron out problems, talk about experiences and keep in touch with colleagues from schools nationwide.'

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