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A Level success stories – final part

A Level success stories – final part
Adrialina Parv.
A Level success stories – final part
David Roberts.
A Level success stories – final part
Daniel Essom.
A Level success stories – final part
Connor Church.
A Level success stories – final part
Colin Finnegan.
Monday 18th August 2014 by C. Freeman

Languages, design and sports studies are three more careers that our students are pursuing after their A Level successes.

Adrialina Parv and David Roberts will be studying French and German respectively with a year abroad as part of their four-year degree courses. Adrialina got three A grades in English French and History. She said: ‘I just really worked hard and revised. It is about pushing yourself when you don’t want to be pushed. I am going to Leeds to do French with beginners Italian. I am not sure what I want to do yet but hopefully I am really looking forward to translating and if that doesn’t work for me then maybe teaching. I will see what opportunities I get there. It will be a four-year course with a year abroad. In the second year I go to France for a couple of months and in the third year I go to Italy for a year.’

David got a B grade in German and three Distinction stars in BTEC sport, travel and tourism and ebusiness. He is now going to Aston University. He said: ‘During my placement year I will have options either to work in a company, as a teaching assistant in a local school or studying at a German university. I was just thinking about my strongest route and the subjects I enjoyed the most. I think German was most enjoyable for me which is why I am studying it at degree level.’

Daniel Essom and Connor Church will both be studying aspects of Design. Daniel will be studying industrial design at Loughborough while Connor will be completing a graphic design course at Tresham College.

Daniel, who got an A grade in DT plus Distinctions in Art & Design and IT said: ‘I am doing a four-year course so in my third year I am doing a year out, so I might go to America or somewhere in Europe. I would like to work with a company like Dyson, Apple or Lego.'

Connor, who gained Distinctions in ebusiness and double IT said: ‘I feel good because I didn’t think I was getting a distinction in ebusiness, I thought I was getting a merit so when that came up I was pretty pleased. I am going to be going to Tresham in Kettering to do graphic design. I originally wanted to do games design but the course isn’t available yet, so it will be available by the time I finish graphic design so I have already got the years ahead planned. I eventually want to work for a games design company.’

Colin Finnegan who got Distinctions in BTEC sport and double Distinctions in ebusiness is planning to study sports and exercise science at Sheffield Hallam. He said: ‘I had to work hard for these results and I want to eventually be a personal trainer or PT in the Army. I do athletics and go to the gym four times a week to do weight training so I am really into sports and fitness.’

Finally well done and congratulations to all of our students who are celebrating their A Level results. A special mention goes to the following students who all achieved high grades: Aidan Elliott (3 Dist), Rosie Foster (AAA), Jacob Guthrie(A*AAB), Kaylie Lincoln (3 Dist) Chloe Sharp(Dist*, Dist, B), Daniel Smith (A* AB), Emma Stewart (AAB), Marko Stojakovic (3 Dist), Dejana Vukosavljevic (2 Dist *, Dist), Charles Watson (Dist * AB) and Lee Web (Dist *, 2 Dist).

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