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Bethan Lewis qualifies for National Tetrathlon

Bethan Lewis qualifies for National Tetrathlon
Friday 18th July 2014 by C. Freeman

Year 9 student Bethan Lewis will be competing in the National Tetrathlon after winning the local area championship at the weekend. The competition comprises shooting, running, swimming and cross-country horse riding. Bethan is continuing a family tradition as she was presented with the same trophy that her aunt won for the team event some years ago.

Bethan said: ‘The championships took place over two days with shooting, running and cross country on the first day and horse riding on the second. I shoot with an air pistol and got a score of 820 out of 1000. My practice shot was really good but when he said the competition had started my hand started shaking!

‘For the swimming you had to do as many lengths of a 25m pool as possible in three minutes. My goal is to do nine lengths and I managed eight lengths 23 metres so I was really close. Hopefully at the nationals I might reach my goal. The running was 1,500m over a field. I got a time of 5.49 which wasn’t a PB but every course is different and I was really happy with that.

‘During the horse riding there were 18 timed jumps plus I had to open and shut and gate while on horseback and negotiate a sliprail, where you have to get off, lead the horse over, put the rail back up, remount and carry on. The first time I did the cross country course I had no idea how my horse, Timmy, would react but he has adapted to it quite well. The optimum time to complete the round in was six minutes 5 seconds and I did it in 5.44.The top two competitors from the area finals qualify for the national championships. I was 40 points ahead of the runner-up so I was very happy.

‘I am quite good friends with some of the girls and it is healthy competition. The nationals are during week 1 of next term and I will be doing a bit of training over the summer so that I don’t lose my fitness. It is the first time that I have won the individual event. My aunt also used to compete and when she was looking at my trophy she noticed her team’s name on it as well!’

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