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Mission to Mars

Mission to Mars
Winners Team Russia.
Mission to Mars
Individual winner Lewis Price.
Wednesday 2nd July 2014 by C. Freeman

Brooke Weston students scored the highest-ever average scores recorded during a science workshop when they constructed and tested models and took part in chemical analysis and quizzes.

The Year 10 gifted and talented students took part in ‘Mission to Mars’ run by from Aspire.more able. Students built and tested towers, landing craft and Mars buggies and accumulated points for how well each item performed under test conditions. They also had to take into account the cost of resources used by their team.

At the end of the closely-fought competition the victors were Team Russia who won more than 200,000 points. The team comprised Tho-Qui Nguyen, Megan Brown, Zac Fowler, Sam Bristow, David Hilton and Isabella Aves. Lewis Price received an award as the highest performing individual.

Head of Physics, Philip Swallow said: ‘They did chemistry, blood analysis and building and engineering tasks so the project encompassed a range of sciences. There were a range of abilities across all three sciences and a range of personalities as well. The focus was to give them experience in team building, working with people they might not normally associate with, and to give them some idea of what science is like in a real and practical context.’

After the event Megan said: ‘I liked the quizdom remote quizzes.’

Tho-Qui said: ‘I liked the science behind it all.’

Zac said: ‘I liked building the individual things for the challenges to see if they actually worked.’

Sam Bristow said: I liked the individual activities.’

David said: ‘I liked the fact that the tests became competitive.

Isabella said: ‘I liked doing the chemistry and biology practicals.’

Facilitator Matt Hackett said: ‘When making the models the teams had to choose and buy the right materials, there is a lot of enterprise behind it. There is a trade element and design aspect. The teams that won that are those that tested their design and realised that they needed to modify them. Unfortunately some of them didn’t test theirs as they didn’t want to risk ruining their design but that is part of the learning process.

‘The Brooke Weston score goes up each year. We played this event yesterday with a group of people from Mensa. They set the record score of 191,000. We thought that would never be beaten but today it has. Team Russia played an outstanding game. That is going to be hard to beat as it is a near-perfect score. Every year the teams at Brooke Weston get stronger and stronger.

‘The reason they get such high scores is that they go for every single challenge, they have got that drive about them. They cope well with the pressure of the competition but, more importantly, they have proved to be very good at their problem solving abilities. It is an incredible set of scores across the board. That is the highest average score that we have ever had in any school, it is just fantastic.’

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