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Students learn about anti-social behaviour

Students learn about anti-social behaviour
PCSO Alex Franklin talking to our Year 7 students.
Thursday 29th May 2014 by C. Freeman

Year 7 students heard a lecture on anti-social behaviour by PCSO Alex Franklin. He outlined what constitutes anti-social behaviour and spoke about the strategies used by the police to combat it. In the worst case scenario offenders may be left with a criminal record or ASBO that could affect their life choices, including future travel destinations and job opportunities.

The students attended their lecture as part of their citizenship curriculum that is focussing on crime this term which will culminate in a trip to the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham. Year 8s will study hate crime while PCSO Franklin will be talking to Year 10 students about knife and gun crime.

PCSO Franklin said: ‘Anti social behaviour takes all forms from crime to something as simple as playing football in the wrong place and making a nuisance of yourself. We are trying to point out what we get complaints about, how we deal with it and it is just trying to get students to think about what they are doing. Even people hanging around shop doorways can feel intimidating to an old lady going to buy some milk.

‘We work with the family and the victims. When we get an anti social crime reported we want to get it sorted as soon as possible because it stops the problems escalating. Behave yourselves, be careful what you are doing and where you are doing it and just think. 90 per cent of kids are diamonds but when they stand with a hoodie on it can be intimidating to the public and nine times out of ten they just don’t realise it.’

Teacher Mrs Martin told the Year 7s: ‘You might not be the person causing this problem but if you are standing there and watching your mates do it, you are going to get caught just as they are. Also you might be victims of this and you know you have someone to talk to as the police take anti-social behaviour incredibly seriously.’

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