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Third award for Young Enterprise team

Third award for Young Enterprise team
Four members of the team: Megan Duffy, Brandon Taylor, Kieron Carter and Dasha Palamurchuk.
Third award for Young Enterprise team
The team at the county finals.
Third award for Young Enterprise team
Kieron receiving the award on behalf of the team.
Third award for Young Enterprise team
The team's merchandise.
Thursday 8th May 2014 by C. Freeman

Congratulations to our Young Enterprise team, Naked No More, who won the Best Marketing trophy at the county finals of the competition, bringing their total to an impressive three awards. The event took place at the University of Northampton and it was a chance for school teams from around the area to showcase their business and find out who was going through to the regional finals.

Naked No More manufactured and sold a range of jewellery at trade stalls and markets and made an impressive profit. Their mentor Mr Jones said: ‘They have done very well to get to the level they have. The competition at the county finals was very high, there was some excellent work done by all the teams and some excellent presentations. The name, Naked No More, is immediately attention grabbing, recognisable as a brand and memorable. The judges liked the fact that, whereas a lot of the Young Enterprise teams have very generic brand names, our team had created a brand name that had the potential to be developed further.’

Members of the team invested £25 each into company funds to start the business and they will now share the profits. Mr Jones said: ‘Teams are given the choice, they can either invest in it themselves or encourage outside investors. When they looked at the possible options the team quickly decided that they wanted it to be their money which meant that they kept control with them, they are not worrying about outside shareholders and they have equal shares in the business.’

Brandon Taylor, the team’s Marketing Director, said: ‘The judges liked the fact that we were actually creating a brand and a concept behind the product. All of the judges liked our name. We have exceeded the goals that we originally set at the start and have almost doubled what we put into the business.’

Megan Duffy said: ‘The best part of this project was working as a team. It was quite difficult at times as we all have different personalities but we all shared opinions and reached a compromise.'

In addition to the Best Marketing Award, the team have also received the Best Financial Management and Runner Up Award at the area finals.

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