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Maths equipment requirements for students

Monday 28th April 2014 by C. Freeman

Whilst the Mathematics Department have a small collection of Maths equipment that students can borrow, it is recommended that students have their own equipment that they can use in lessons and in exams. Regular use of their own equipment builds familiarity with its functions (especially in the case of calculators) and greater accuracy with the work completed. The Mathematics department recommend that students have the following equipment based upon the stage of their studies:

Key Stage 3 and 4 (Typically year 7 to year 11)

Pencil, Pen, Ruler, Compass, Protractor, Sharpener, Eraser (can be bought as a set for £2.35)

Casio Fx-85GT PLUS Calculator – This allows basic arithmetic along with some useful advanced functions, such as calculating averages from tables and generating lists of numbers using formulas (£8.99)

Key Stage 5 (Typically year 12 and 13)

Casio Fx-991ES PLUS Calculator – In addition to the 85GT this includes functions for working with matrices, calculus and other key topics from the A-Level syllabus (£15.98)


Casio Fx-9750GII Calculator – Advanced features such as graph drawing and being fully programmable (£54.95)

Prices are from as of 28/04/2014

Note: Whilst lessons cover the basic use of calculators, students are encouraged to keep their instruction manuals in order to learn the advanced techniques.

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