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Students attend Teen Tech science event

Students attend Teen Tech science event
The Brooke Weston students with Maggie Philbin, CEO of Teen Tech.
Students attend Teen Tech science event
Forensic crime scene investigation.
Students attend Teen Tech science event
Re-assembling a server.
Students attend Teen Tech science event
Innovative technology on display.
Students attend Teen Tech science event
One of the Brooke Weston teams giving a presentation.
Monday 14th April 2014 by C. Freeman

Gifted and talented students from Brooke Weston took part in an interactive day of science, investigation and challenge when they attended East Midlands Teen Tech.

The day-long event at De Montfort University was aimed at gifted and talented Year 8 students. 300 from 30 different schools took part and there were delegates from cutting edge companies on hand to give students an insight into the latest technological advances.

Teen Tech was launched by its CEO, television presenter Maggie Philbin. The aim was to give students an insight into the different opportunities available in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects and develop their own tech talents.

The Brooke Weston contingent comprised 15 students who were accompanied by Mr Clasper and Miss Lindley. Mr Clasper said: ‘The students had to come up with good ideas as to what may be happening by 2050. Then one of the tasks was a crime scene investigation where they had to gather evidence from a crashed car and examine hair samples under a scanning electron microscope. They also had to work out the speed of the car from the skid marks and deduce, from a raft of evidence, who was responsible for the crime.’

The students had allotted times in the Innovation Zone, Insight Exhibition and Challenge Zone, where had to complete tasks or tour the stands of firms including Sodexo, Babcock, Pera and The National Space Centre.

Miss Lindley said: ‘My group went to Hewlett Packard and the students did a quiz against each other and then had a race to see who could assemble a server the quickest from the component parts. A gaming developer told them about all the different aspects that go into a game and how long it takes to make. The whole group had a challenge to come up with an app and then present their idea to the rest of the schools. One of our teams came up with Evolve Me where you grow and adapt to your environment and the other developed The Wondrous Land which was based on Alice in Wonderland. They both got highly commended for their apps.

'The day was really well organised and the students really enjoyed how hands-on it was, you actually got to experiment with everything. Also it was great meeting people who develop these products for a living.'

Afterwards Mr Clasper said: ‘The students learned an amazing variety of things like chemical reactions, how solar power works, what companies can do to harness power and how to control oil spills in environmentally friendly ways by using nano-technology. They were given a huge insight into how science and technology will be used in the future. It was about dealing with real world problems and the students were tasked with trying to find their own solutions. They were shown new technology or equipment that used mathematics, engineering and technology to improve all aspects of life.’

Afterwards student Melodie Nichols said: ' I loved the event, especially when our group did a police investigation because it was fun to do and I was with my mates. I think science and technology will be more technical in the future. I had the best time ever and my family were very proud that I had taken part.'

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