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Students try indoor canoeing

Students try indoor canoeing
Mr Peleszok and our students with the canoeing machines.
Monday 31st March 2014 by C. Freeman

Students had a chance to try out indoor canoeing under a new initiative run by the local School Sports Partnership. Matt Peleszok, of the partnership, brought along four indoor canoes for students to try and they will be able to compete in a league which is being set up between the local secondary schools.

He said: ‘As a school sports partnership we are one of eight that are in charge of watersport development in the country so we are doing indoor canoeing and indoor rowing across the ten schools in the partnership of secondary age. Then we are going to set up an indoor canoeing club at Prince William School in Oundle.

‘We are going into all ten schools to give a taster of canoeing then we are going to put together a league table of performances of all children and averages for year groups across the partnership so each school and student will be able to see what level they are working at.

‘The canoeing machines are the same basic technology as rowing machines but instead of working the legs the focus is very much on upper body training. We will invite the fastest students from each school to an event where they will be able to compete against each other face-to-face. These are just the basic machines, we have got others at Prince William that are heavier but it gives the students a real insight into what canoeing is like in a friendly and safe environment.’

Sports teacher Miss Barber said: ‘The Year 9s and 10 students had a go and we will also introduce it to our Sports Leaders so they can experience a different sport for when they are putting their own activities together so this can be an option that they use with the primary schools if they want to. It is real good experience for some who are not necessarily so sports orientated. This is a different concept to a normal rowing machine and it is good for teamwork as they have been split into groups and are working towards a common target.’

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