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Charity cheque handover

Charity cheque handover
Mr Curry and members of 9E tutor group.
Charity cheque handover
The Year 9 charity fair in the Weston Theatre.
Friday 28th March 2014 by C. Freeman

A cheque for £1,000 was handed over to local charity Niamh’s Next Step after our Year 9 students took part in a charity awareness project. Each tutor group chose and promoted a different local charity, producing marketing materials and speaking about their good causes. Staff and students from all year groups cast their vote and Wellingborough based charity, Niamh’s Next Step received the majority of votes and £1,000 raised from a recent mufti day.

Local girl Niamh Curry was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer, in 2010. Her family set up an appeal to raise funds to send her for treatment in America, but sadly she died in May 2012 aged just 5 years old.

Her family continued with the fundraising in order to help others who are affected and to fund research into the condition that is diagnosed in around 100 children a year and has just a 30% survival rate.

Niamh’s father, Chris, told students in assembly: ‘Fundraising like this really does mean the world to us. You have taken so much time out to represent our charity, especially 9E, and thanks to everybody who donated. Every single penny is going to research neuroblastoma so, from all our trustees, myself and my wife, thank you very much.’

Miss Stringer said: ‘It always makes a big difference when these youngsters, who have a huge generosity of spirit, see someone who is so closely linked to a charity; it means an awful lot to us.’

Afterwards Chris said: ‘The appeal started in 2012 when Niamh relapsed and we wanted to raise money to send her to America for treatment. The response was incredible. Within five months we raised £375,000. Unfortunately Niamh passed away before she could go, so every penny of that £375,000 went to the Neuroblastoma Alliance paying for other children to get treatment in America or Germany. 100 children each year are diagnosed with neuroblastoma. It is still classed as a rare cancer, but 100 is a lot, particularly if it is one of your kids that is affected.’

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