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Charity awareness market

Charity awareness market
Tutor group 9E.
Charity awareness market
The charity awareness fair in the Weston Theatre.
Charity awareness market
One of the stalls.
Tuesday 18th March 2014 by C. Freeman

Niamh’s Next Step, a Wellingborough cancer charity that supports families with children suffering from neuroblastoma, will benefit from mufti-day money after students voted to support one of nine local good causes.

Each tutor group in Year 9 had to choose and research a local charity and then promote it at a charity awareness market. Staff and students toured the stalls to get more information and then cast their vote for their favourite organisation.

In addition to Niamh’s Next Step, which was the chosen charity of 9E, the other being promoted were Wishes for Kids (9B), St John Ambulance (9R), Animals in Need (9K) Wren Spinney Shop (9W) Kettering Cancer and Laser Charity (9S) Lakelands Hospice (9T) and Corby Food Bank (9N).

More than 600 votes were cast, with just six separating the top two charities. Niamh’s Next Step received 86 votes and representatives from the charity will be presented with a cheque soon.

The project was part of the Citizenship curriculum. Teacher Mrs Martin said: ‘The students are trying to raise awareness of different charities within a 20 mile radius of the school. It is really about getting them to realise that a lot of the things they take for granted are actually coming from charities. By raising awareness of these charities they are actually helping to raise the profile and potentially raise money for them.

'They are fantastic organisations and there has been a great response from the charities as well who have supported the students’ efforts. The students have been really passionate about the causes they have chosen and put a lot of time and effort into their campaigns.’

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